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Changzhou Zhongzhi Electric Motor & Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating R&D and production of various motors and their control systems. Since the company was established in 2012, with accurate market positioning, efficient and professional R&D team, Changzhou Zhongzhi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has become a major provider of domestic brushless DC motors, stepping motors and control system solutions. The company continues to enrich the team of management and professional and technical personnel through a sound talent introduction mechanism and a sound training system, and improves the overall quality of employees. The company adheres to independent research and development and industry-university-research cooperation to ensure the brand advantage of Zhongzhi's products. The company has won honors such as Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise, Changzhou High-tech Product Certification, and 28 national patents.

The company's low-noise, high-efficiency DC brushless motors, high-torque low-noise stepper motors are widely used in: medical equipment, laboratory equipment, security equipment, logistics sorting, fluid control, automated factories, and other automation equipment in various industries.

The company has a complete quality assurance system and has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. The company's products have passed the EU "CE" and "ROHS" certifications. Zhongzhi Motor has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad with good service.

Zhongzhi Motor adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity and sincerity" and is committed to providing power for the improvement of human comfort.

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