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The medical industry has relatively high requirements for motors, requiring longevity and low noise, as well as various certified products. The stepping motors and brushless motors of Zhongzhi Motors are widely used in various biomedical equipment and medical equipment.


Zhongzhi DC brushless motors and stepper motors are used in a variety of textile equipment, especially various types of winders, yarn doubling machines, twisting equipment, and warping machines.


Packaging Machinery

In daily life, beautifully packaged food, beverages, medicines and many other products have the application of Zhongzhi products, such as sealing, intelligent packaging machines, cutting machines, filling machines, etc.


With the development of logistics and the improvement of automation, logistics transmission systems are more and more widely used in various industrial occasions, such as postal sorting systems, airport baggage conveyor lines, mine conveying, etc. Our brushless motors and Stepper motors have the characteristics of simple structure, small size, and easy control. They can provide customers with customized motors that meet the requirements of high performance, high quality and low cost.


Industrial control

In industrial applications, DC brushless motors have obvious advantages in terms of rapidity, controllability, reliability, small size, light weight, energy saving, efficiency, environmental tolerance and economy.

Our brushless motors and stepping motors are widely used in CNC machine tools, metallurgical machinery, automated production lines, and various special equipment.

3D printing

3D printing technology has changed our lives and has a wide range of market demands in civil and industrial industries.

Zhongzhi's closed-loop stepper motor products provide an economical solution for 3D printers, as well as high-precision stepper motors for industrial printers.


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